Differences between Ukrainian and Russian languages

The languages of both countries are very similar, and if you use any Russian language translation software, it will work for Ukrainian and vice versa. An easy way to differentiate the scripts would be to look for lots of instances of a letter that looks like an English ‘I’, with two dots over it (Ñ—) ‘“ that would be Ukrainian; if not, then it would be Russian. They are similar because both are Slavic languages, but they are both considered two different languages, and not two different dialects of the same language. One other major difference, is that in Ukrainian the ‘g’ sounds like an ‘h’. Both languages have descended from a common ancestor ‘“ ‘Proto-Eastern Slavic’, and they branched out from it around 1500 years ago.

Ukrainian has a lot of Polish influence, since it was a dominion of Poland for a long time. Ironically, the very first capital of Russia was Kiev, and was ruled by the Grand Prince of Kiev. Ukrainians refer to Vodka as ‘Gorilka’. Tray is pronounced as ‘pidnos’ in Ukrainian and ‘podnos’ in Russian.